Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy department treats individuals of all ages. Whether orthopedic and neurological, our occupational therapist will do a thorough initial evaluation to help develop your goals for treatment and determine the correct method of helping you reach your maximum potential. Our occupational therapy department specializes in shoulders, elbows, wrist, and hand injuries. We are able to offer customized splinting as well.

Side Effects will include…

  • Decreased Pain
  • Improved Function
  • Faster Recovery
  • Return to Active Lifestyle
  • No Drugs – No Drowsiness
  • A Sense of Well-being
  • More Energy

Try Physical Therapy First

Physical Therapy works! If you want to decrease pain and return to an active lifestyle naturally, without drugs or surgery, then Physical Therapy is right for you. The professional staff at THERAPY1ONE offer personalized care in our state-of-the-art facilities. Our goal is to restore you back to optimum strength, mobility and endurance, ensuring you recover quickly from injury or illness.

Can physical therapy help you?

  • Arthritis Pain?
  • Back Pain?
  • Neck Pain?
  • Knee Pain?
  • Ankle/foot Pain?
  • Hip Pain?
  • Elbows/Wrist Pain?
  • Hip Replacements?
  • Knee Replacements?
  • Rotator Cuff Repair?
  • Core Strengthening?
  • Functional Movement?
  • Sports Injuries?
  • Plantar Fasciitis?
  • Balance Problems?
  • Beside can Physical Therapy help you? Can Occupational Therapy help you?
  • Elbow Fractures?
  • Traumatic Hand injuries?
  • Hand Flexor/Extensor Tendon Lacerations?
  • Shoulder Surgery?
  • Carpal Tunnel Release?
  • Hand Surgery?

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