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Rated 4.9/5 based on 57 customer reviews
"Jarrod is an excellent therapist and I hope you recognize him and reward him accordingly."
Jul 30, 2018
"Extremely knowledgable and friendly staff. Was a pleasure to attend my therapy sessions."
Mar 16, 2018
"Excellent group of people! Professional, kind, educated and compassionate. I really enjoyed my session with you all. 🙂"
Mar 06, 2018
"The therapy staff are knowledgeable. They know exactly what exercise for every problem you are having. They are friendly and seem to truly be interested in your recovery. "
Feb 08, 2018
"My husband is a stroke survivor & has been coming here since the end of October. From the beginning, walking thru the doors & being greeted by Tamara, Erica & Susan, his initial evaluation by Mr Cox, then 2x/wkly sessions with James, Therapy 1 has far exceeded our expectations. Bre & Adam are always lending a hand & always with a smile. My husband has made such great progress since he began working with James. Therapy 1 is the most caring, professional staff we’ve been blessed to deal with on this stroke recovery journey & I pray he can continue his therapy here. God bless you all! "
Feb 07, 2018
"Great facility with very courteous and professional staff .Thanks"
Feb 07, 2018
"I would like to give out my thanks on behalf the Therapy One team, for helping me get back in shape after my accident. I'm back at work again, and can do the things I use to do. On all the members, thank you, for getting me back in shape."
Jan 30, 2018
"Josh and his fellow therapists are very good at what they do for all the patients whether you are their s or not. He is very friendly and professional. I give him and the others Five Stars."
Jan 29, 2018
"Kalli was very good. Very caring. Entire staff was very nice & genuine about their enthusiasm for my well being. Super group of people."
Jan 24, 2018
"Laura was great! I enjoyed coming and spending this time with her."
Nov 20, 2017
"Excellent care from the staff and front reception. Very caring group."
Nov 17, 2017
"Great team as always."
Nov 14, 2017
"The ladies that worked with me were awesome. They worked with me & explained everything. They also listed to my complaints."
Nov 08, 2017
"I think I’ve been seen by every therapy person there and I am very satisfied with my leg but now my arm is not fixed yet but I don’t think that has anything to do with Therapy One. Shelley and the other girl in front which I forgot her name were very nice and polite and helpful for all the time I came there!😀👍"
Oct 21, 2017
"As usual—grat experience: positive, uplifting, and peaceful."
Oct 13, 2017
"Physical therapy at Therapy One has been very helpful in getting me moving again. All of the staff was positive and very good to help me strengthen my knees and walk better. Some days therapy sessions hurt but it was in the process to make me more mobile."
Oct 10, 2017
"Staff was very friendly, attentive, instrctive which enabled me to have improved strength and balance; and instructions to continue the exercises which will contribute to safe mobility for this 83-year-old. The facility/building was beautiful."
Oct 10, 2017
"5 stars"
Oct 05, 2017
"Provided effective physical therapy, leaving me 100% improved with a professional and caring staff."
Sep 26, 2017
"They were very professional and worked to help me."
Sep 19, 2017
"Great experience from front desk to actual therapy. Thank you!"
Sep 12, 2017
"Excellent staff and therapists; my outcomes were phenomenal—at 90% shoulder mobility regained."
Sep 12, 2017
"The staff at Therapy One is outstanding very professional! I will recommend Therapy One to all my friends."
Sep 08, 2017
"5 stars!"
Sep 08, 2017
"Therapist are cool"
Sep 01, 2017
"No Complaints. Everyone seemed to know their job and were very pleasant to work with."
Aug 22, 2017
"A huge thank you to everyone —in order of meeting: Susan, Josh, James, Adam, Jordan, Emily, and Steven. I am much improved and appreciate all the help I had. Thank you again."
Aug 15, 2017
"The staff was helpful, friendly and wonderful. My therapist, Susan Funk, was fantastic. She was caring, patient, and kind. She is an awesome lady who encouraged me and was there for me every step of the way!"
Aug 03, 2017
"I have been treated very nicely—the staff are professional and helpful and answer all my questions."
Aug 01, 2017
"Susan was wonderful! Kept me engaged and gave me helpful exercises to use at home. Recommend Highly!"
Aug 01, 2017
"5 star all the way from reception to the therapy I received."
Jul 27, 2017
"It was great."
Jul 25, 2017
"Both PT therapy personnel were awesome, professional and a pleasure to work. Quick to access a need or change an activity level. They were Laura Smith and Dr. Josh Schenkel. PT area always neat/clean soft music background, Beautiful staff attire."
Jul 11, 2017
"The therphist are the Best in the world. My therapist wasJames Cutchin &wih his Help he took me under his wing & helped me get up & walk again. All the staff are so Friendly and when you walk through front door the staff welcomes you with big smiles & calls you by your first name I would recommend Theraphy One To everyone"
Jul 11, 2017
"New clean facility. Susie is excellent—very pleasant and very professional. My improvement is remarkable. Thanks."
Jul 11, 2017
"Have come to Therapy One twice. Highly recommend the expertise in making you feel at ease."
Jul 06, 2017
"Ladies were good at their jobs. Keen knowledge level, friendly, and professional. Push you hard without being dictatorial. Encouraged to work hard at recovery - therapy can be painful."
Jun 30, 2017
"Good and nice. Had good therapy there. Nice people there. Thanks for your time, Laura."
Jun 26, 2017
"All techs were polite and thorough. I would recommend this to anyone needing help. Plus the new facility is nice to work in."
Jun 26, 2017
"Staff has made my recovery time here very pleasant and has made me feel welcome. The exercises met my needs, started using a cane to help me walk and balance and now I'm on my own and returning to work. Thank you all so much."
Jun 22, 2017
"Staff has been friendly and very accommodating. My PTA, Laura, was amazing! Very, caring and compassionate. My pain has subsided tremendously since I've been seeing her. Very pleased with my outcome and experience at Therapy 1!"
Jun 16, 2017
"Everyone has been so professional and kind. When I first came to Therapy One, I could not walk. Now I am back to work and walking better than ever. James helped me the most. He was wonderful!!! God bless all of you. I am so thankful for Therapy One. Love Kimberly B."
Jun 12, 2017
"Great staff. They helped me recover from my shoulder problem to about 90% of normal. I would recommend Therapy One to anyone without a doubt. Laura did an excellent job, as well as Jared and all employees I worked with. Thanks to all for the effort put forward."
Jun 12, 2017
"Very professional! Enjoyed working with all the therapists."
Jun 12, 2017
"James, Jared and Laura took good care of me - my knees are "iffy" still, but I'm doing better. I'll do the exercises at home."
Jun 12, 2017
"My experience at tTherapy One has been very beneficial and pleasant. Laura is very well trained and her ability to help me improve my strength and mobility is impressive. I will recommend Therapy One highly!"
Jun 05, 2017
"Administration is very well organized and helpful in working around my personal schedule. Techs were professional and knowledgeable in their jobs. They are courteous and understandable in my pains and concerns in healing. They make you feel as though you are seriously important to them."
Jun 05, 2017
Jun 05, 2017
"Everyone was super helpful and extremely nice."
Jun 05, 2017
"Comfortable setting, friendly knowledgeable staff, allowed me to advance at a pace specific to my abilities."
Jun 05, 2017
"Shoulder feels much better. Well on my way to complete healing. Thanks to all therapists I worked with."
Jun 05, 2017
"I had to come here twice for my knee. Both times, everyone was great, always nice. Helped me get the strength back in my knee. I feel comfortable to go back to work because of the help I got here."
May 12, 2017
"While under the care of Therapy One, I received excellent care from Jared and Laura. I would highly recommend them for treatment/care. Very professional and friendly-always a smile."
May 09, 2017
"Excellent physical therapy! The staff were all very supportive, professional and always gave positive reinforcement. Thanks go out especially to Laura, Josh & Anne Marie. I'm certain I'll be back after my next knee surgery also."
May 06, 2017
"Needed to do more massage on arm and neck."
May 05, 2017
"The best!!!"
Apr 11, 2017
"I was very fortunate to find Therapy One Rehabilitation Center at 13405 Panama City Beach Pkwy, for all of my physical therapy. After, having both knees replaced at the same time, my body needed to be stronger. The receptionist Shelly, did a great job scheduling all my appointments so, not to have them back to back. The physical therapists I worked with, Paige, Kelli, Karen and Angie, were very knowledgeable on what I needed to do everyday to improve my balance for walking without a cane and be able to increase the angles of bending my knees to where they were before surgery with less pain. I always looked forward in receiving massages for my knee and calf muscles to help reduce the pain. You wouldn't be disappointed using Therapy One. I recommend Therapy One to anyone needing rehabilitation/physical therapy. This is the place to be for all your physical therapy!"
Apr 02, 2017