Success Stories

The staff at THERAPY1ONE has been very pleasant and welcoming. They worked with me to get appointments that worked with my schedule. Josh was my therapist; he was excellent and very knowledgeable. This is my second time using THERAPY1ONE for my physical therapy needs and both times were pleasurable.

Thank you,

Donna C.

My first visit I was scared! Susie evaluated me and explained all to me. I was very impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. Laura Smith (Physical therapist assistant) was very professional, caring, and very knowledgeable. She cared about my progress and was very concerned about my pain. She motivated me to give 110% in order to continue to improve. I am motivated to continue the exercise program on my own 3-4 times a day. I feel a lot better and will do as she has said in order to maintain my improved condition. The receptionists are very friendly, cute, and make everyone welcome. So very glad to have known each and every one of them-You all ROCK!!!!

Mr. Lane

P.S. Oh yes, I love the sense of humor you all have!

I enjoyed my work with your staff. They do their job in a friendly and professional way. I enjoyed giving Susie a hard time. Susie is a sincere person and was a joy to have pushing me. I am on my way to setting a record time of recovery thanks to the staff at THERAPY1ONE. You will be recommended by me any time the opportunity arises.

Thanks for the help and friendly people that work for you,

Mr. Ford

In 2005, THERPY1ONE was successful in completing the task of my ACL reconstruction surgery. Without a competent physical therapy regime, surgery is useless. I am happy to say the great therapists and supportive staff were able to help me regain 99.9% of my ability. The staff’s positive approach was instrumental in completing my therapy and providing me with home exercises.

I specifically asked for THERAPY1ONE to do my rehabilitation of my fused little finger. With the aim of regaining my grip, the therapists were successful in training me to overcome the surgery and alter my grasp to regain a satisfactory operating level.

Thank you everyone for your cheerful service and rehabilitation expertise.



I would like to say thanks to your staff, especially Josh for helping me with my lower back pain. He was a true professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. Josh identified my weakest areas and gave me the tools to strengthen it and make them stronger. I will be forever grateful as living with back pain is not fun.

Thank you,

Edwin J.

Thanks so much to THERAPY1ONE for helping me get my arm and shoulder back after having surgery due to a fall in my home. I always enjoyed coming to therapy and working with Susie and Josh. Everyone there was always friendly and eager to help. I was able to get almost all my range of motion back after my 16 visits. I was provided a home exercise program in order to maintain my improved condition.

I would defiantly recommend THERAPY1ONE to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Thank you,

Nancy W.
Panama City, FL

I remember my first appointment with THERAPY1ONE. I was two days out of my surgery when I went to them. I could not do much of anything with my shoulder at the time, but week after week I began getting movement and strength. I would have never imagined I would improve so quickly! It was all due to the patience and knowledge of the staff! Thank you so much THERAPYONE for helping me get back to the person I wanted to be and helping me reach my goals! You are truly the BEST!

Teresa G.
Panama City, FL

I suffered from TMJ on the right side. Pain level on arrival was 8-9 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst). Pain is now minimal, if any. Have better range of motion of jaw and no pain when I eat. Wish to thank Josh Schenkel for his friendly disposition, professionalism, and help in explaining how to do follow up exercises to further my recovery. The staff was polite, very professional, and made me feel very comfortable.

Appreciate all you help,

Maureen S.
Panama City, FL

I went to Therapy One with problems in my neck and back due to surgery on my neck from spinal fusion. I was not able to look side to side when I first started my therapy. After nine visits I am able to turn my neck without pain and my lower back feels so much better. I am 49 years old and I could not get around much and now I do all the things I couldn’t do before. They are great. I highly recommend them to all who are in pain and need help.

Ruby Lown

I came in with neck pain and limited range of motion. Working with your team at THERAPY1ONE I Am much better. My pain level is down 0-1 most days and my ROM has improved exponentially. The ladies at the front desk always had a smile on their face when greeting you. Working with Josh and Susie was great! On the last day Josh provided me with a personal program for home to help maintain my progress.

I appreciate the professionalism and caring of your practice,

Donna B.

This was my third referral to physical therapy and I am very satisfied with the care I received. I was able, under the awesome care of Heather Rawson, to discharge early from physical therapy. I have met all my goals at 100% and have a good home exercise program to help me maintain my improved condition and live a pain free life. Thanks Heather Rawson

P. Cash Panama City, FL

I have used THERAPY1ONE several times with much success, this last time I fell and broke my hip. My therapist James had me up and walking with a cane in four weeks! I would recommend THERAPY1ONE to anyone looking for the best care.

Josephine H.
Panama City, FL

I was having migraines daily, waking up every morning with one, until I started at THERAPY1ONE. Laura and Heather (therapists at THERAPY1ONE) used their expertise and guiding hands to help me wake up every morning MIGRAIN FREE! I have been educated about my neck and will have continued success.

Thank you,

S Graff

I have had surgery on my hip, back, and knee three times so I have had therapy multiple times, my experience at THERAPY1ONE was far superior to any of the others. You have their full attention while you are there and they make you work very hard which is to your benefit.

It is now the only place I would recommend. The proof is I now have no limp for the first time in years!

John D.
Panama City, FL

When I went to THERAPY1ONE, my pain in my lower back was at a level 9, but with the help from my physical therapists I always felt good after my appointment. James and Josh were very helpful and ready to answer any question I had.

I am going to join the fitness center at THERAPY1ONE because of everyone!

Richard N.
Panama City, FL

When I first arrived at THERAPY1ONE I had difficulty grasping and holding on to items, due to my arthritis. My swollen joints made it difficult to bend my fingers very far. The occupational therapist, Kathy Pitts, is highly qualified, experienced, patient, and friendly. Kathy at THERAPY1ONE was able to get my hands stronger, more limber, and now my fingers bend more than they have in years!!! I CAN EVEN MAKE A FIST!

Laura J.
Panama City, FL

I had physical therapy at THERAPY1ONE and was very pleased with the care that I received. Laura Smith was my therapist and was very nice, caring, and professional. She educated me on proper exercises, answered all of my questions, and always made sure I was okay before leaving the building. I would recommend THERAPY1ONE to anyone!

Betty O.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for restoring my health back to me. I enjoyed my visits to THERAPY1ONE because all the staff at THERAPY1ONE are very positively and friendly. My therapist was very caring and professional and I would recommend anyone in need of physical therapy to THERAPY1ONE anytime!

Adel M.

On the first day @ THERAPY1ONE, my hand and thumb were swollen, tingling, and I could only extend my thumb at 45 degrees. Kathy Pitts, my occupational therapist @ THERAPY1ONE, worked with my hand, repaired my brace and instructed me in the care of my hand. The result was the tingling disappeared and the swelling diminished. I am now able to extend my thumb to a 90 degree angle. I would recommend Kathy Pitts to anyone in need of occupational therapy.

Shelia T.
Panama City, FL

When I first went to THERAPY1ONE for my balance, I was very skeptical that I could be helped, but with the fantastic help of Josh Schenkel, P.T., D.P.T. and James Cutchin, P.T.A., they helped my more than I could have ever hoped for. Josh is an exceptional physical therapist! I left the building exhausted, but oddly I still enjoyed it. I could see improvement from day one, small at first, and better each visit. Also I would like to say that the entire staff is great.

God Bless all of you,

Mary L.
Panama City, FL

I would like to say how pleased I was with the physical therapy I received @ THERAPY1ONE. Laura Smith was excellent and a very encouraging Physical Therapist. I would recommend Laura Smith and THERAPY1ONE to anyone!

Maureen R.

Thanks to the THERAPY1ONE team! Everyone involved in my treatment provided EXECELLENT care. Special thanks to the Physical Therapy Assistant, Laura Smith. Laura led me through most of my treatment and set me up for success as I graduated from the treatment program. With Laura’s guidance my pain level went from an 8 (Pain Level 1 to 10….10 being the worst) to a 1 or no pain at all. I would highly recommend this clinic to friends and family.

Lorna B.

I would like to extend my appreciation to your entire staff and your professional help. Your staff was more courteous than most doctor’s offices. I had a small setback which delayed my therapy for a couple weeks, but the staff was very attentive and extended their concern with calls to check on me and get me back on the schedule. They were very understanding and helped schedule with my needs in mind.

I would recommend THERAPY1ONE!

Regina K.

Kathy was fabulous as my therapist! I was suffering with tendinitis in my right arm, after Occupational Therapy I was 90% improved. I am thankful to say that now I am back to 100%. Kathy provided a wonderful atmosphere for Occupational Therapy. I would definitely return again of needed.

Thanks Again,

Wilma C.

Thank you so much for taking care of me at THERAPY1ONE. It was much appreciated and may the good Lord bless you always. Kathy, Susan, Debbie, and Adam, thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you guys my heart has no bottom.

Love you all lots,

Annica C.

I have used THERAPY1ONE on two other occasions with total success. On May 29, 2014 I had a total knee replacement which required very extensive therapy. Once again I chose THERAPY1ONE and had total success! The physical therapists at THERAPY1ONE are second to none and will work with the patient to ensure they meet their goals. I am always treated like a friend at THERAPY1ONE,not just another patient. I have recommended THERAPY1ONE to several people and they also are completely satisfied with the care provided to them. THERAPY1ONE IS #1 IN MY BOOK!!

Thank all of you so much,

Mr. Martin

In the great dictionary of life, a photo of Kathy’s face should be next to the definition of compassionate care. Thank you, Kathy, for the excellence in comforting, educating, guiding, encouraging, and for your warming touch. You didn’t just treat an injured joint, your helped a whole body-A PERSON

Thank you,

Dr. Buhrow

There are many reasons why I love THERAPY1ONE & would recommend it to others in a heartbeat! First, it is run smoothly and in an organized manner, which keeps stress down for the patients. Second, every Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant there does their job WELL!! The longer I was in therapy, the more apparent that became. Third, I LOVE LAURA SMITH (P.T.A.), SHE IS THE BEST!!  Most importantly, is the success of my therapy to a healthier stronger me! Having a total knee replacement is no picnic, and good therapy is imperative. THERAPY1ONE kept me on track, meeting my goals.

Thank you,

Sheri M.
Lynn Haven, FL

A knee replacement provides a person an unusual, lengthy journey in the recovery realm. After several weeks of painful “home” therapy, I then began 24 sessions of therapy @ THERAPY1ONE, divided into three times weekly. I came in using and being very dependent on a walking cane. Being in severe pain, the exercises I was given began on an easy, slow regiment. As I was able, the exercises increased in type and increased in the number of repetitions. All my many questions were answered thoroughly and patiently. Within a few weeks, I was able to confidently walk without use of a cane. My pain on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being severe), gradually decreased from a 9 or 10 to a 2 or 3 by the time I ended the 24th session. Kept busy and from one exercise to another, the hour-long therapy session seems to fly by. I am home now, but continuing to utilize so many of the exercises I learned to use while in physical therapy at THERAPY1ONE. I know and understand it will be a life-long part of my daily living, but I will always be thankful to the wonderful staff at THERAPY1ONE for the care, kindness, and expertise they provide to me.

Monica J.
Lynn Haven

I am very thankful for the help I received from the front desk team Susan and Deborah. They were friendly, very professional, caring, helpful, and most of all understanding. They helped me through the whole process with therapy preparation. The physical therapy team is the best I have ever had. They were also professional, helpful, friendly, very respectful, and polite. They explained all of the exercises and procedures. They explained the purpose of each one.

My neck problem hadn’t seen relief in about a year or more. After therapy at THERAPY1ONE I now have the relief I was hoping for. I feel wonderful!

Panama City, FL

After 30 years of back pain resulting from working with drywall, I’ve been to Therapy One for 3 weeks and am finally going to work with no pain. I had forgotten how if felt to not have pain. Thank you Therapy One!

Charles, Panama City

I started therapy a week ago. At that time I couldn’t flex my right knee or stand on my leg without extreme pain in my knee. When I came here I was instructed on the correct exercises I needed to do. After one week I am able to bend my knee enough to put my own sock and shoe on.

Joyce, Lynn Haven

I was awakened about 2:00 am with a painful wrist in early January. After trying different things at home to remove the pain, I finally went to Dr. Purohit. He recommended therapy at Therapy One. Thanks to the clinical staff, I can write again and grasp things.

Mary, Cedar Grove

I stated July 29th with severe pain in the knee. Couldn’t sleep at night, in pain most of the day. After therapy for a month I can sleep without pain and am able to function all day long with very little pain.

Vera, Springfield

My doctor recommended physical therapy for my back problems. After 6 weeks of therapy under the supervision of Therapy One’s skilled therapist’s, I am happy to say that my back condition has improved considerably.

Lou, Callaway

When I first came for physical therapy several months ago I had at have help getting in and out of the car or chair and had to use a walker, sometimes even a wheelchair. I no longer need help out of a chair or car, I no longer use a walker, my dizziness has almost completely disappeared and thankfully, falling seems to be a thing of the past.

Catherine, Panama City Beach