Fitness Center

For your convenience, you can download the fitness information with our Par Q and Clearance forms. If you choose to become a fitness patient, please fill out the forms provided and call our office to set up a time that one of our licensed physical therapists can go over the equipment with you to ensure you know how to use it safely and properly.

(Expires 10 days after discharge)

One-time Enrollment Fee:

This includes one of our therapists going over the fitness equipment with you for your safety and setting you up with an exercise program designed just for your specific goals.

2 Payment options:
$29.00 (Month to Month)

Only $20.00 per month with 1 Year agreement paid in full up front or taken out of your checking account electronically

**Stop by the front desk or call 763-0603 and make your start up appointment today!

Non Patient Costs:

  • $30.00 enrollment
  • $39.00 per month for a full year or $39.00 per month, month-to-month

Tuesday @ 12:30 or Thursday @ 12:30
Fitness Center Hours:
Monday-Friday 7:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M.

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